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"Cole has a gift for penning fresh arrangements and uplifting AC pop melodies...CSNY, Traveling Wilburys and the breezy feel of Jimmy Buffett can all be heard in Cole's contemporary sound."

-The Rage
Nashville, TN

"...those needing a fix of the old Cole charm can check out his new CD...a sweet, rambunctious, romantic ode to the retro it's groundbreaking."

-Michael Logan
TV Guide

"Capturing the spirit and sonic qualities that made artists like The Everly Brothers, Traveling Wilburys and Jimmy Buffet classics, In Our Time is a genuine pleasure to listen to."

-John Germinario, Manager
Uncommon Management

New York, NY

"Strangely intoxicating. Cole has encompassed a troubadour's approach to a unique blend between Dire Straits and Rick Nelson."

-Barry Singer, Promoter
Singer Entertainment
Atlantic City, NJ

"Amazing talent!"

-Janet Slate
API Management Group
Nashville, TN

"In Our Time, the title track of this album, couldn't be more timely-- an honest plea expressed with artful emotion."

-Dan Grigsby
Music Producer/Engineer
New York, NY


What Music Fans are Saying…

"To say I love [In Our Time] would be an understatement! There is a freedom, an ease, and just plain FUN embedded in this work that not only moves your feet, but your spirit as well! The album is seasoned with familiar and yet original sounds, each perfectly placed, giving every song just what it needs. It is a true musical treasure that takes you back and moves you forward all at the same time." -Mary Houston, TX

"Bradley's love and respect for music and the musical process come through loud and clear. The instrumentation and arrangements are unique and fresh. Each song is a treasure with it's own special personality. It's one of those albums you can listen to over and over again and each time you do, you find something new to appreciate." -Jane San Diego, CA

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[The Single]

"I love it--especially In Our have really hit your niche...the bit of Irish sound in the interlude, that was really nice."
--via e-mail

George Harrison LIVES!!!!
The guitar work [on Not Enough], so George Harrison. Same trippy, "wow a guitar can make that sound" stuff. COOL!!!
--via fan club message board


"ALL YOUR DREAMS is a remarkable collection of original music that takes you on an honest, insightful and revealing journey through the sorted passages of life and love. The album begins with the light, upbeat, pop tune "Fallin'" about the innocent and untarnished hope of young love, followed by the title track "All Your Dreams" a mature, more desperate representation of love and desire. "Dreams" is definitely the best song on the album. It's filled with grinding guitar solos, haunting backing vocals and penetrating lyrics such as "we have nothing left to lose so tell me all your dreams, I really want to care." The series progresses to the cynically playful "More Money" with the quasi-misogynic message "she don't want you kisses brother...kisses won't buy her diamond rings." Another musical treasure on the CD is "Mary's All Right," an elegant expression of human existence, reflecting that life and love are a struggle, but through strength and resilience we continue to hope for "a brand new day." The album winds down with the carefree ditty "Back in L.A." This song captures a genuine West Coast flavor meant to be played full blast while cruisin' in the convertible down Sunset Boulevard. Ultimately, the CD comes full circle with the final cut "Another Man," a dark ballad about the fall from innocence as evidenced in the phrase "they drank his blood and spit him out, he wasn't tough enough.  A thrilling roller coaster ride of uncompromising, heartfelt lyrics and just the right mixture of pop, rock and blues, this is definitely a CD to be played over and over...
Music Fan via

"Occasionally, in the vast world of music, something totally unexpected comes along that delivers such a sweet sound and soulful lyrics it becomes an instant favorite. TONITE, by Bradley Cole, lays out romantic ballads, energetic pop tunes, and there's even a nod to the blues. What makes it such easy listening is the fine voice of Mr. Cole and his guitar playing that accents the entire album. Some of the best studio musicians back up the artist with intense saxophone solos and musical punctuation that gives an added edge to the tracks."  Fifi Chao, Dinesty, Food, Wine & Travel  

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