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Brad Cole was born and raised in Southern California. A student of music from a young age, he began guitar lessons at eight years old, and has performed with many music groups. Cole has four studio albums and one live record under his belt to date. Starting with 1994's Tonite which he produced himself, hiring Nashville session players to support his vocals and guitars. The result was an eclectic album of energetic original rock tunes and romantic ballads. One reviewer wrote, "…some of the best studio musicians [in Nashville] back up the artist with intense saxophone solos and musical punctuation that gives an added edge to the tracks. I have a vast collection of popular music, but finding this CD was one of the best musical moments of my year."

Bradley Cole

Cole lived in Europe in the late 1980's where he established considerable success, both as an actor on two popular TV series, and a singer/songwriter. He returned to California in 1996 and immediately began recording his second album, All Your Dreams, which was released independently in 1997. It was re-released under the Nomadic Music label in 2000. The work is darker and more reflective than his previous album (Tonite). The lyrics pull no punches, and demonstrate his mastery of imagery and emotion. One reviewer wrote,"This is a remarkable collection of original music that takes you on an honest, insightful and revealing journey through the sorted passages of life and love…"All Your Dreams" is a mature, more desperate representation of love and desire. "Dreams" is definitely the best song on the album. It's filled with grinding guitar solos, haunting backing vocals and penetrating lyrics such as "we have nothing left to lose so tell me all your dreams, I really want to care."

Bradley Cole

During this period, Cole continued his pursuit of acting roles. He briefly returned to Paris to share the stage with one of his idols, French actor Jean Paul Belmondo, in the play Frederick. Almost immediately after the run of this play, Cole landed a stint on the CBS daytime drama Guiding Light in New York City. His extraordinary popularity on the show has helped to solidify an American fan base. Concurrent to his day gig at Guiding Light, he performed in off-Broadway plays and began the recording sessions for his third album, In Our Time, in the summer and fall of 2001.

In Our Time is a collection of original Pop-Rock tunes, with a few Blues-Folk detours. Compelling melodies, guitars, and harmonies are blended together to provide a potent, addictive sound. The songs are the kind of songs you just have to listen to again right away.

With In Our Time, Cole concentrated on extracting new sounds from his guitar, while surrounding himself with some of his favorite New York musicians; guitarist and recording artist Jon Pousette-Dart, drummer, bassist, Fernando Saunders from Lou Reed's band and guitarist/songwriter Marty Willson-Piper from The Church among them. Lyrically he concentrated on what was familiar to him. "I try to be as honest and as straightforward as I can be. On this album I wanted to go further with the themes I started to develop on the previous record…torn relationships and the danger and bravery of living life on one's own terms."

Since the release of In Our Time in 2002, Cole has been appearing in numerous small acoustic venues across the country both solo and occasionally with his band. In 2003, Cole released another single, Can't Live Without You. The release contains the popular song Ten Thousand Miles Away which enjoyed radio play on Hot AC and Top 40 stations in the U.S. He also released a live album in 2004, entitled Live Tracks, which commemorates his 2003-2004 concert tour. Bradley most recent release is his fourth studio album, A Human Thing, which includes the release of two singles, Our Celebration and To Be Free. Brad is currently working on music for a fifth studio album and continues to play live gigs including his Annual Rock Show for Charity to benefit the American Red Cross.


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